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RICHARD B. GELLER is a well-seasoned attorney who has practiced law for over thirty years.  He is Ivy League educated, having received his Bachelor's Degree from Cornell University, and a Masters of Business Administration and Juris Doctorate from Columbia University in New York City.

Mr. Geller's successful legal career has included Criminal Litigation Attorney for the United States Attorney's Office, San Francisco, California; General Counsel and Corporate Secretary for Sandoz, LTD, an international pharmaceutical corporation based in Switzerland; Corporate Counsel for Digital Equipment Corporation, a national computer and software company; Regional Counsel for the United States Small Business Administration; and Managing Attorney for the Cochise County Public Defender's Office.  Mr. Geller began his legal career as a Trial Attorney for the Public Defender's Office in Manhattan, New York City.

MR. GELLER focuses on all aspects of criminal defense (Federal, State and City) in both Tucson and Yuma, as well as all aspects of family law and child protective services (CPS) in Tucson, AZ.

RICHARD B. GELLER is a member in good standing with the State Bar of Arizona and the State Bar of New York.  He also practices in the Federal Courts of Arizona, New York and California.  He is admitted to practice in the Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, which includes the Federal District Courts of Arizona and California, and the Second Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, which includes the Southern and Eastern Federal District Courts of New York.

MR. GELLER currently is based in Tucson Arizona, where he has his own law firm. He is also Senior Counsel for the Law Firm Bellovin & Karnas, with offices in both Tucson and Yuma.

Should somebody be seeking an experienced, knowledgeable family law attorney in Yuma, please contact Mr. Geller directly so he can refer the matter to Mr. Bellovin. Mr. Bellovin is the Senior Partner of the Law Firm of Bellovin & Karnas. Mr. Bellovin handles all family law matters in Yuma. Mr. Geller handles all family law matters in Tucson.

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