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THE LAW OFFICE OF RICHARD B. GELLER focuses on providing outstanding legal services in all aspects of criminal law, family law, and CPS matters in Tucson, AZ.

  • Criminal Defense
    • Capital Cases (Death Penalty)
    • Federal and State Felony and Misdemeanor Cases
    • Tucson City Court Criminal Cases
    • Felony and Misdemeanor DRUG Cases
    • Felony and Misdemeanor DUI Cases
    • US Border Patrol Checkpoint Stops
    • Juvenile Court Cases

  • Family Law
    • Divorce Representation
    • Divorce Decree Modification
    • Child Custody
    • Child Support & Back Child Support
    • Spousal Maintenance (Alimony) & Back Spousal Maintenance
    • Legal Decision Making by Parents: Primary Physical (Residential) Custody: and Parenting Time
    • Temporary Orders & Emergency Temporary Orders
    • Default Judgements
    • Guardianships
    • Child Protective Services
    • Orders of Protection
    • Military
    • Out-Of-State Family Law Matters

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